Immersion Heater-5gall/30 litre Thermostatic TE75

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Fish tank type heater. The most efficient heater, made of glass and is immersed in the  wine/beer.

75 watt and will heat up to 50 litres if the container is lagged.

Pre-set to 24 C , adjustable so you can tweak it up or down if you want.

We like to turn them down to about 23 C


It's suitable for a demijohn or a 5 gall fermenter. There's a rubber bung attached to the cable with a hole to take an airlock so it seals the  neck of the fermenter and you can still fit the airlock.

You can use these in a garage with no heating, as long as you lag the fermenting vessel, use a sleeping bag or a duvet. In a heated house there's no problem.