40 Pints Fire Eater Chili Beer

I've never made and never intend to. It;s hot!

I've never made and never intend to.

It sounds terrible- If you make it you're on your own. 

.500g crystal malt

1 can light malt extract syrup 1.5kg

1 can amber malt extract syrup 1.5kg

1 Kg Brewing Sugar


2 oz cascade hops

( 250g roasted green chilli---peel if you want a less roasted flavor to your beer)



Boil crystal malt in boiling pot until boil is about to start then remove and add malt

extract, sugar, and hops. boil for one hour.  Add all to cold water

in a fermenter to bring up to 5 gallons then cool, pitch yeast and ferment. Bottle or keg when

fermentation is finished.


 Someone has now made this-- They said it wsn't hot enough and they would try it with more chilli next time.

I bought a bottle of chilli beer from the offy. It was as bad as I thought it would it be, it made me thirsty...