Alcotec Triple Still Yeast Makes 25 Litres

Alcotec Triple Still Yeast- No 1 choice For the Air Still

Triple still yeast has bentonite and liquid charcoal in it's soul.

This gives you a nice clean base for making your alcohol

The charcoal turns the fermenting liquid a horrible black colour, like something from the hobs of hell. The first time you do it you think you've done something wrong!

Most of it drops out when the yeast stops fermenting and you syphon off and leave it behind. The rest is removed using the turboklar finings!

It's important to get the liquid as clear as you can as the charcoal traps all the off flavours and impurities.

When you put the liquid in the airstill it needs to be as pure as possible, if it's cloudy the still will extract the off flavours and it goes in your alcohol!

A nice clean bright wash gives a nice clean flavour to the finished alcohol!