Table Top Air Still--BIG SPECIAL OFFER!! Further 5% at check out!!

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Includes £20 of free equipment!

This  low temperature still is also used in New Zealand for making alcohol. But must not be used in the UK for this purpose.

Plugs into the mains in the UK.

Takes about 3 hours to distil  75 cl of alcohol at 60%. Dilute with tap water up to a litre and it's about 40% which is fine for drinking!

Easy Instructions here

Price includes--

  1. Air Still Distilling Machine
  2. Collector jug
  3. Carbon filter
  4. 2 sachets smart carbon for filter
  5. Pack of smart rings
  6. Triple Still Yeast and Carbon
  7. Turbo Klar Finings
  8. Alcohol Hydrometer to test the strength of your finished product
  9. Two alcohol flavourings-- A Whiskey and a Gin