Stainless and Painted Steel Press

Well priced and  well constructed wine presses. This item   is made of stainless steel , chrome plated and painted steels.
 Capacity 1.4kg / 1.5 litres.   The size is 9" wide at the widest part of the base and about 13" high with  the handle screwed down

5 Litres size  30cm x 43 at the widest part of the base

This press is easy to clean and looks bright and attractive,  suitable for all homebrew, homemade wines. It Will also make cider. 

Suitable for producing small quantities of juice, either for drinking straight away or for wine or cider making.

It will produce a gallon of juice with about five full pressings.

This is proving to be a very popular press, and it's now reduced so it's an even bigger bargain!!