Extra Strong Fast Yeast Pack Instructions

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1. Clean the fermenter thoroughly with water and soda detergent. Rinse thoroughly with cold water.

2. Add 5-10 liters of hot water to your 30-liter fermenter (30-liter plastic bucket with lid is recommended). Then add 8 kg standard white sugar, mix well, make sure all is dissolved before you proceed.

3. Top up with lukewarm water to final volume 25 liters.
Important: check temperature, it should not be higher than 30°C.

4. Add 100g Turbo Yeast and mix it slowly.Cover fermenter with lid and put airlock about half full of water.

5. Leave to ferment at room temperature (ideal temperature is 20-25°C and preferably constant during whole fermentation process). Fermentation takes 3-5 days

6. When fermentation process is over, transfer the liquid into another fermenter using a siphon and leave the sediment behind so you can discard that before you proceed to use your wash. Depending on the final product desired, alternatively add clarifiers to improve your result.

You will need a water purifier to make the spirit you need, go to https://www.camelcakes.co.uk/contents/en-uk/d3.html

Note: mixture’s temperature before adding of yeast to it should not exceed 25 - 30°C.

5. Store the fermenter at a constant room temperature, 20-25°C, for 7-12 days. At lower temperatures it will take longer fermentation time. 25°C is recommended temperature. Avoid drafts and cold floors!