Orris Root Powder 25gm

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Product: Orris Root Powder

Latin Name: Iris germanica

Other Names: Blue Flower de Luce, Blue Flag Iris, German Iris, Bearded Iris, Fleur-de-Lis, Flag Lily, Fliggers, Iris d’Allemagne, Iris des Jardins, Jacob's Sword, Lirio Azul, Liver Lily, Segg, Sheggs & Blue Dragon Flower.

Description: Orris root powder is obtained from a herbaceous perennial plant native to southern Europe and the Mediterranean region, now found growing in most temperate regions of the world, which grow from 40-100cm in height. The leaves are basal, stalk-less, 30–70 cm in length, lanceolate or sword-shaped, with entire margins, parallel-veining along the leaf, and glaucous green in colour. The inflorescence is comprised of a 2–4-flowered cyme, each flower on the branched stem are 8-15cm wide, composed of 6 tepals, 3 of which curve downwards and 3 that curve upwards, dark purplish-blue to mid blue in colour and fragrant. The roots creep along the surface and are thick, fleshy and greyish brown in colour.