Irish Moss

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Brupaks Irish Moss Copper Finings enables the brewer to achieve brighter worts by assisting the coagulation of unstable proteins in the copper and rapid settling of the coagulum as hot and cold breaks. It is important to produce consistently bright wort in order to reduce the level of protein and polyphenols. If high levels of these substances are present they will lead to draught beers that are difficult to fine or bottled beers with a greatly reduced shelf life. Whilst protein can to some extent be removed with auxiliary finings, it can present other problems which can be improved considerably by its removal in the copper.  


Irish Moss is red brown flakes of seaweed (Chondrus crispus)The active compound is the polysaccharide Carageenan that carries a negative charge that interacts with proteins to form large flocs.  

Method of Use  

Irish Moss should be added to the copper 15 - 20 minutes before the end of the boil.  This is to ensure that the active carrageenans are extracted.


Dosage can vary considerably dependent upon man factors including grist composition, wort gravity, pH and seasonal variation in brewing materials. Typical rates of addition are within the range 8 – 25 grams per barrel (5– 15 grams per hectolitre). The brewer should assess by trials the additions required to optimise performance and costs.  


Brupaks Irish Moss Copper Finings should be stored under cool, dry conditions in tightly sealed containers.