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The 14 gallon FastFerment Conical is perfect for 10 gallon batches of beer or wine. It includes a heavy duty metal stand. Made from sturdy BPA-free food grade HDPE plastic, it is 33% thicker than the 7.9 gallon FastFerment. Volume markers are included.


The FastFerment unit itself is 42″ tall (including the airlock) and 19″ wide. In addition to a large 40 ounce capacity collection ball (with volume markers), a ½” transfer hose with shut off clamp is provided for transferring into a keg or priming container. The bottom transfer valve is 1.5″ in diameter.  Total capacity is 14 gallons.

Optional accessories include extra Collection Balls, so you can harvest yeast, and a Sample Port, for taking partially fermented samples.