Air Still Mini Distillery Kit Extra 5% discount at checkout!

The Still Spirits Mini Air Distillery KIt

Complete compact  kit to make a wash and then distil it-


From Still Spirits so you know it's good!

It makes 2.5 gallons of wash which will produce about 3 bottles of alcohol at 40%

It's  a nice size, produces only 10 litres of wash, so it's small and easly stored. Much neater than the other kitsHere's what you get for your money. It all stacks in side itself easily so there's the minimum of storage room

A standard size air still with auto cut out

A 10 Litre fermenter with tap,(with carbon filter lid to stop smells!)

Stick on digital thermeter

Collector bottle for still

Carbon Filter system with replaceable filters

Plastic stirring spoon

Yeast and tubo klar finings

Two spirit flavours

Still conditioner

Still ceramic boil enhancers

full instructions