Jaguar Brown Ale 40 pjnts- Full Mash Recipe

Jaguar Brown Ale

A clone of the famous Stockport Clarkes Brewery Beer

A couple of the Stockport old timers have tried it and say it tastes like they remember it!

To Make 40 Pints Brown Ale Og 1042

Malty and mild, low hops,  with a distinct toffee flavour, simple use of single hop as was the Stockport Style! Water treatment- None

Gervin Ale Yeast

3 Kg Maris Otter

400g Crystal Malt

100g Chocolate Malt

50g Fuggles Hops

We're using a simple smash type method for these Stockport recipes .

If you're using a grainfather or bulldog brewer you'll know the method!

Heat 15 Litres of water to 75c and drop all the malts in.

Leave for an hour then sparge- use water at about 85c, you'll need abouit 15 litres of sparge water.

Add the hops then boil for 1 hour, add a small handful of hops for the last 5 mins of the boil

Strain off the hops and cool

Cool to 22c and add yeast