Whitbread Celebration Ale 11.5 % 1992 Vintage

A bottle of the famous Whitbread Celebration Ale

No 46788 in a limited run- Made in 1992

It's old, we don't know what its like , or if it's any good.

It's unopened-- Packing is a bit tatty - The bottle inside is untouched so it must be ok. Is it drinkable? we don't know. It's 25 years old so who knows.





We've seen them for sale at £50 so we've set it at half that, it's probably going to sit on a shelf and be unopened for the next 25 years, so it doesn't really matter if it's drinkable.

We think it's probably ok, it is 11%! We've had beers in the cellar here for years and they're drinkable..

It's really a collectors item now...