Sour Cherry Beer 8 Pints 11%

A nicely sour cherry beer,tastes like one of those Lambic sour beers.

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Muntons 6 Bottle Cherry Wine kit

A pack of Bulldog finishing hops, 12g

500g Dark Spray Dried Malt

Champagne Yeast

Pour the Muntons Cherry wine kit into a demijohn

Dissolve the malt in two pints of water, leave to cool and when at room temperature add to the demijohn

Add the hop packet, it;s in a tea bag like thing, put the whole pack in the demi john!

Make up to 8 pints and make sure it's below 22c

Add the yeast and leave to ferment in a warm place

It will take about 2 weeks, and it will start to clear, syphon off into a clean dem-john and make it up to

8 pints with cold water and leave to clear for another week.

Test with a hydrometer, it should be about 1.000/.995.

Bottle it in beer bottles and add 1/2 tsp of sugar per pint of beer.

Leave for at least  a month.

Drink carefully, it's about 11%!!