Still Spirits T 500 Turbo Still With Stainless Fractioning Column Condense sorry sold outr

This is the stainless version of the T 500 still and is the most popular still. It includes full instructions and precise flow  tap adaptors. Pot capacity 25 litres.

You might need an adaptor to fit your tap, like the copper still head it needs a threaded tap.

The Turbo 500 produces excellent quality of alcohol. The T 500 includes a micro flow water flow adjuster.

From the Still Spirits Company

Pot capacity 25 Litres

You might need a tap adaptor to take the flow adjuster. Your plumber can advise but a lot of modern taps have the correct screw type adaptor to allow for a water frother.

This allows the precision control of water flow to ensure maximum purity.

All instructions are included with the still

Kit Includes

  • 25 Litre Stainless Electric Boiler
  • Safety Cut Out to Prevent Boiling Dry
  • Precision Flow Tap for Precise Cooling Water Flow
  • Pre Packed Stainless Distillation Column
  • Instruction Book
  • Digital Thermoneter
  • Pack of Ceramic Boil Enhancers
  • Distilling Conditioner