Fast Ferment Plastic Conical Fermenters Basic Model - 30 Litre

These are brilliant!

 Fast ferment plastic conicals. Hold 30 litres, no syphoning, fast filling of bottles and transfersThese are a bit fabby. Screws to the wall with the brackets included or you can buy the stand.

Hold 30 litres so perfect for 23/5 gallon wines or beers.

The sediment collects in the bowl at the base, you turn the valve, unscrew the base throw the sediment away and the wine/beer above is clear and ready for bottling!

Total height is about 90 cm including airlock, width is about 38cm including brackets.

Comes with a roll of ptfe tape to ensure watertight seals, there's a brass socket for the thermometer.(which you have to buy seperately)

Includes collector bowl, and base cap with large flow syphon tube.

Very nicely made item, well worth the spend!