40 Pint/23 Litre Stainless Cornelius Beer Barrel and Pump -In Stock now!!

More Pictures Below!

Gas,pump head and Barrel Included!

40 pint beer dispense system! In Stainless!

Look at this baby! Takes  the small 8 gm soda syphon bulbs

  • A 40 pint/23 Litre stainless steel cornelius style beer barrel
  • A stainless steel serving pump and stand
  • Inlet valve for   8gm soda syphon bulbs
  • All connectors and fitting
  • A pressure gauge
  • Ten gas bulbs(standard soda syphon type)
  • A gas bulb holder

This is the way forward, gas beer and a pump, all in stainless, ready to go !

 Everything you need is here, ready to start using the day you get it!

You use the small 8gm soda syphon bulbs to dispense the beer, they're available loads of places so you're not stuck with a difficult system

 All in stianless so it's clean and easy to use.

The pump is stainless and sits on a worktop or bench so it looks really good!

If you click on the picture there's another four pictures so you can get a good look at what you're buying!