St Peter's Brewery Honey Flavour Porter

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Developed by Muntons, tested and approved by the head brewer at the St Peter’s Brewery. Honey Porter is the fifth beer kit in the popular St Peters brewery kit range. This 3kg kit brews 40 pints of traditional English porter with a sweet honey taste and aroma. The kit is based on the bronze award winning recipe of the St Peter’s brewery Honey Porter. This 40 pint kit brews a rich and sweet porter with a final strength of about 4.5 % ABV

A new arrival from St Peter 's a Honey Porter.

They gave St Peter the gates of heaven and this is the reason why. A dark Porter with honey, how good does it get?

They make Bees work really hard for this, just so you can have a honey beer! You can think of them while you enjoy the beer! Don't worry all the Bees were happy workers in a joint co operative and worked for union rates.

There's an aroma of honey and a definite taste, not overpowering just gentle and enough to enhance the darkness of the black malts.