Mad March Hare ALe 40 Pints at 7.5%- Easy Malt Extract Brew

40 Pints of Madness

This is a real full bodied heavy beer, strong intensley floral with a hint of summer.

A Belgian Abbey ale with an English country twist, Poirot meets the Wicker Man.

Wicked and strong, takes no prisoners!


1.  1Kg Lt Dried Malt Extract

2.     1.5 Kg Coopers Amber Malt Extract

3.     1.5Kg Muntons Maris Otter Malt Extract

4.     1 Kg Brewing Sugar

5.     100g BRamling Cross Hops

6.       Finishing Hops

7.        Saf Abbeye Yeast

8          Elderflowers

There's a lot of malt  in this, it's going to need a big pan, probably a four gallon to stop the malt catching.


Boil the 2 and 3(the tins of malt extract) and 5 for about 45 minutes- Watch the pan doesn't boil over, it bubble as the malt cooks.

After 45 mins boil strain off into  a clean sterilised bucket . A big jug might be useful here! Use a colander or a straining bag to strain out the hops.. and add no1  and no 4 . Stir well to dissolve

Make up to 5 gallons with cold water and leave to cool below 24 C

We'd add the finishing hops now, instructions on ythe packet

Add yeast and leave to ferment for about 5 days  or until all signs of fermentation have finished.(Bubbles stop rising)

At this point add the Finishing hops. We usually go the tea bag route, make them up like a cup of tea and add the liquor to the fermenter!

Also add the elderflowers now, put them in jug and pour over a pint of boiling water, leave 20 minutes and throw them in the beer.

-Syphon off into a barrel or bottles using ½ teaspoon of sugar per pint to prime bottles or 50 to 100 g to a pressure barrel.

Leave in a warm place for 5 days then into a cool place to clear----Cheers!

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