Bonfire Night Smoked Ale 40 Pints 5% TheBrewShop Custom Brew


A smoked beer with a definite smoky taste, coppery  with an almost honey sweetness, a sort of smoky toffee with a definite bitterness and a slightly floral nose Kit has all the ingredients to make this beer, you'll need to print off the instructions from the website.




You get all the ingerdients you need in the kit, you supply a big pan! And a thirst!


1   110g  Williamettes Hops

2  500g Smoked Malt

3   Beer Enhancer 1Kg

4    Muntons Medium  Spray Dried malt 500g

5   Coopers Amber Liquid Malt 1.5kg

6     Crystal Grain Malt 250g

7  Gervin Ale Yeast

We're going to have steep some of these grains to get them to work properly. Get a nice big pan or a pressure cooker and heat 3 litres of water to 78 c. You could just heat the water in kettle and it will work ok.

Put the Crystal Malt and the Smoked malt in a large jug/bowl/bucket- At least 5 litres capacity! Then pour over the water you heated to 78c- IF you use the kettle you may have to add two lots of water. Thats fine!

Put that lot aside for an hour, then strain it into a big pan, use the cotton bag we supplied with the kit, you'll find it fits in nicely. Don't  squeeze it! Just allow it to drain through.

Then add   85g of No1(Hops) ,all of  No5 (Liquid Malt)  and about 13 litres of water. You can use less or two big pans but it is better in 13 litres gallons-

At this point you've got the liquid from your smoked malt, the liquid malt and some hops in the pan/boiler

Now boil it, After 40 minutes of boiling add the rest of No 1 (The Hops) and  turn off the boil.

Leave for about 20 mi

Strain into a nice clean bucket. Use a big jug if the tap gets blocked, and it will! Use a colander or a straining bag.

Squeeze most of the liquid out of the hops but dont go mad and don't burn your hands...

Add all of no4 ( Powder Malt) and all of no3 (Beer Enhancer)and stir well to dissolve.

Top up to 5 gallons/40 pints with cold water and leave to stand until cool below 23C

Add the yeast as per instructions on the  packet and leave in a warm place to ferment.

It should take about 6 days at 22c, use a hydrometer to check, it should be about 1010.

Leave in a cool place for 24 hrs and bottle or barrel.

Prime with 1/2 tsp of sugar per pint or 55g if you're adding the sugar to a bottling bucket!