IPA and American Craft Beers, Pale Ales

Master Pint Pale Ale Genuine Microbrewery Beer Making Kit

Pale ale, 40 pints of Masterclass ale!


1.6Kg of malt requires the addition of 1kg of sugar

Pale Ale. Pale as a lager but full on bitterness. Pale Ales are often a bit stronger, we'd suggest you up the sugar to 1.5Kg to lift the alcohol to 6%.

The yeast will take it easy enough and it just gives a bit more alcohol, a bit more of what a pale ale is about!

If you fancied a bit more hoppiness on the nose you could add some finishing hops as well!

The technical bit! Colour 15 EBC Bitterness 37 EBU

Colour: 12-16 EBC

Bitter: 35-40 EBU