Master Pint Pale Ale Genuine Microbrewery Beer Making Kit

IPA and American Craft Beers, Pale Ales
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Pale ale, 40 pints of Masterclass ale!


1.6Kg of malt requires the addition of 1kg of sugar

Pale Ale. Pale as a lager but full on bitterness. Pale Ales are often a bit stronger, we'd suggest you up the sugar to 1.5Kg to lift the alcohol to 6%.

The yeast will take it easy enough and it just gives a bit more alcohol, a bit more of what a pale ale is about!

If you fancied a bit more hoppiness on the nose you could add some finishing hops as well!

The technical bit! Colour 15 EBC Bitterness 37 EBU

Colour: 12-16 EBC

Bitter: 35-40 EBU