Bromeliaceae, Pineapple SPPA- Easy Malt Extract and Fruit Recipe

Pineapple South Pacific Pale Ale






The local Co-op had pineapples at 10p each so we did the only responsible thing.

Pineapple beer

6 Pineapples (Chopped up with the skins still on)
Stick of Cinnamon
1.5 Kg Demerara sugar 
3Kg Light Malt extract
100g Green Bullet Hops

Smash up cinnamon add it to the pineapple and sugar cover with boiling water in brewing bucket.
Boil up about 3 litres of water add hops as follows:
   * 50g at start
   * 20g after 50 minutes
   * Turn off heat at an hour add 20g
Dissolve the malt extract with the "hop tea" add this to
the pineapple and top up to about 25 litres with hot and cold
water , aim to hit a final temp of 25 degrees. 
Give it a good trashing to get plenty of air in there.
Sprinkle yeast on top, an american ale yeast will 
do the job (Safale US-05 or Danstar BRY-97 ).
Put lid on.

Leave for about 5 days. 

Transfer into clean bucket using a large sieve or straining bag to
take out pineapple lumps and other bits. You can top up with water here as it will still be plenty strong..
Dry hop with rest of hops.
Leave until finished fermenting.

Bottle with about half a teaspoon of sugar per bottle or keg with about 100g.