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Sloes are small blue/black berries about the size of fat blackcurrants.

They are hard to find but worth searching for!

They make a glorious wine if a little slow to mature. It has a deep ruby colour and an exquisite taste.

Recipe for Six Bottles of Sloe Wine

1.5kg Sloes
1 kg sugar
Gervin Yeast no 1

250 ml red grape concentrate 
Pectolase-as directed on container
 1 tsp yeast nutrient
1tsp of citric acid
Tannin- We tend to leave out the tannin in sloe wine

Wash the sloes first!

Pour 2 pint boiling water over the sloes and add sugar.
leave overnight- It's better if you squash the sloes about a bit
Make up to 7 pints with cold water and add rest of ingredients
Leave three days - it should froth and bubble,  give it a bit of stir when you pass it.
Strain off into a clean demi john and fit airlock.You may need a bit of coarse netting or a starining bag

Don't worry of a few bits get through, they don't do any harm!
When the frothing dies down a bit top up to the shoulders of the demi john with cold water
Leave to ferment out until bubbles stop.
Syphon off and add a campden tablet and potassium sorbate.
Leave to clear and bottle when clear.
Sweeten if required but does taste very good as a dry wine.

SLoe wine can take a long time to mature- If it doesn't taste very good just leave it and it does get better!

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