7 Make your Alcohol!

Look inside the still, there's a small line inside about a quarter of the way down.

Fill it with home made alcohol (Either from a triple still yeast or wine, cider etc.) you've made to this mark. That's 4 litres.

Put the top back on and switch the still on.

You have to fit the kettle lead and plug it in of course!

It takes about 3 hours to start dripping through the carbon filter.

We let the first bit drip into a glass and when there's about half a desert spoon we throw that away.. It doesn't taste good and may have some bits we don't want!

Now put the plastic  jug under the carbon filter and leave to drip until it reaches the 75 cl mark.

That's it! You've made alcohol at about 50%!

Turn the still off, remove the jug with your lovely alcohol in it and leave the still to cool for a bit.

Take lid off the still.

Throw the stuff left in the still away, it tastes and smells horrible and there's no alcohol in it!

You can check how strong the alcohol you made is by using an Alcohol Hydrometer.

It's best if you dilute the alcohol with a bit of water, if you add enough water to make it up to a litre you'll find it's about 40% which is ok for most things!