StockportRuby Ale 40 Pints Easy Malt Extract Recipe

A nice ruby ale along the lines of Old Speckled Hen

Full bodied and slightly sweet with a red/ruby colour and distinct bitterness



OG 1050


1    Challenger Hops 110g

2  Goldings Finishing Hops 25g

3   Beer Enhancer 1Kg

4    Lt Spray Dried malt 500g

5      Lt Liquid Malt 1.5kg

6      Crystal Grain Malt 375 G

7 1 tsp of Irish Moss

8  Nottingham Yeast

Boil all of No1 ,all of  No5  No7 and  No6 in about 3 gallons of water. You can use less or two big pans but it is better in 3 gallons

After 50 minutes turn off the boil add another no 2. Leave to stand for 10 more minutes.


Strain into a nice clean bucket. Use a big jug if the tap gets blocked, and it will! Use a colander or a straining bag.

Squeeze most of the liquid out of the hops but don't go mad and don't burn your hands...

Add all of no4 and all of no3 and stir well to dissolve.

Top up to 5 gallons/40 pints with cold water and leave to stand until cool below 23C

Add the yeast as per instructions on the  packet and leave in a warm place to ferment.

It should take about 6 days at 22c, use a hydrometer to check, it should be about 1010.

Leave in a cool place for 24 hrs and bottle or barrel.

Prime with 1/2 tsp of sugar per pint.

You may need to leave this for at least a month for the flavours to develop!