Nelsons Fright Full Mash IPA 40 Pint

Uses Nelson Sauvin hops, a sort of a grapey taste, full bodied and easy to drink! Extra bitter!


We opened up a couple of bottles of this after three months and its very bitter, I think we'd probably drop 25g of  goldings out of the boil if we made it again!

4kg Crush Maris Otter

100 g Nelson Sauvin Hops

50g Goldings Hop

1 tsp Gypsum

Gervin Real Ale Yeast

Put the grain into the mash tun (We use the Brupaks pic nic basket type)

Heat 3.5 gall of water to 75c add the gypsum and pour it over the grain and stir well

Leave for an hour and a half.

Open the tap on the  mash tun and run off the liquor into a 6 gall bucket, pour the first 4 pints back into the mash tun.

Heat 3 gall of water to 85c and pour it slowly over the grain in the  mash tun, it might take half an hour to an hour or more to do this bit!

The liquor keeps running out of the mash tun and you should end up with about 5.5 gallons in the bucket.

Now put all that liquor into the boiler, you may find a big jug useful here!

Add 50g Nelson Sauvin and 50g Goldings and boil for an hour.

Add 50g Nelson Sauvin and boil for 5 minutes.

Leave to cool or use a cooling coil, when cool  strain off the hops into a fermenting bucket, use a straining bag or a sieve!

You'll find that jug useful again as the hops clog the tap up! A good hop filter on the bag of the tap is useful as well.

Add cold water to make it up to 40 pints and add the yeast

Ferment out as normal

Cheers Feel free to use these recipes but please keep this line on if printing or copying!