Nelsons Fright IPA 40 Pints Easy MAlt Extract Recipe

Well bittered and medium pale, about 5.5 % with a good body and a very clean palate

1  1.5 Coopers Pale Malt Extract

2  1Kg Brew Enhancer

3  500g MEdium Spray Dried Malt

4  100g Nelson Sauvin Hops

5  50g Goldings Hops

6   Gervin Ale Yeast

Boil 1 ,    50g of 4 and all of no 5 in as much water as possible( about three gallons is best but you can use much less)

After 50 mins boil add the rest of the hops and boil for no more than 5 mins.

Strain off into  a clean sterilised bucket and add no 3 and no 2 . Stir well to dissolve.

You can use the colander or a big sieve! We use a jug and jug the beer out into another bucket through the sieve

 Stir well to dissolve the sugar

Make up to 5 gallons with cold water and leave to cool below 24 C

Add yeast and leave to ferment for about 7 days or until all signs of fermentation have finished. (Bubbles stop rising)

-Syphon off into a barrel or bottles using ½ teaspoon of sugar per pint to prime bottles or 50 to 100 g to a pressure barrel.

Leave in a warm place for 5 days then into a cool place to clear----Cheers!



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