Barrel Gas Conversion Kit with 2" Cap, 10 Gas bulbs , Bulb Holder and Stainless Valve

Converts the standard 2" neck barrel to gas use.

2" cap with stainless injector pin valve and pressure relief valve

Bulb holder with stainless thread insert

10 co2 bulbs

Fits most 2" neck barrels bought in the  last 5 years! Your cap is probably a white one.  They're all the same thread whether bought from Morrison's or your local shop. This will convert your barrel to one that takes the small throw away soda syphon type bulbs.When the barrel starts to lose pressure, usually when you've drunk half of it, add a gas bulb! Screw it on using the holder and the whole lot empties at one go. You usually need 1 to 3 to empty a barrel, if you use more the barrel is probably leaking.