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Lots of you have been asking for this one!

It's a bit open ended and it's really up to you what you make..

Popular in countries where alcohol is hard to get...


One Carton of Red Grape Juice(Or Orange/Mango or anything!)

One Carton of Apple Juice(Or something else...)

Tsp Pectolase (You can leave this out but the wine may be cloudy-Won't do you any harm though!)

Tsp Citric Acid ( Or the juice of a medium sized lemon)

Tsp Tannin--( Or a cup of cold tea- No milk or sugar)

1 Kg Sugar

Yeast and Nutrient( Baking yeast will work)

Melt the sugar in about two pints of boiling water and leave to cool to room temperature.

Throw everything into a sterilised bucket/pan or demijohn-If you're making it in a pan cover it with a clean tea towel .

Top it up to a gallon with cold water and leave to ferment, it will froth and bubble so you'll know it's working.

Leave it a couple of weeks in a warm place then syphon it off into a clean demijohn or something else and leave  to clear

That's it... Bottle it up ...

It may ferment a bit in the  bottle so be careful, it may be a bit cloudy---Here's how to stop that happening...

When you leave it to clear add a campden tablet and potassium sorbate and finings. You can buy finings from any home brew shop!

Then, leave it to clear takes about a week, with the campden tablet in it will keep for six months, without it you have to drink it fairly quickly but that's not usually a problem!

Have fun!!


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