JIms Luger Lager 40 Pints 4.5% Easy Malt Extract Recipe

Me Dad's recipe for an "old skool" lager type beer

It uses dried powder malt which gives a distinctive flavour. In the  bad old days all the  liquid malts were dark and treacly so you had to use powder malt to get a light beer- These days you can use the good quality liquid malts and get nice light beers but this recipe still has a charm of its' own!

Luger lager 40 Pints



2 kg Lt Dried Spray Malt

1Kg Brewing Sugar

75 G Saaz hops

Lager Yeast

You don't need to boil the malt with this one


Mix the dried malt and sugar together in the clean sterilised fermenting bucket-This makes it a lot easier to dissolve the malt!

Boil the  hops  in a big saucepan for about 40 minutes- About 4 pints of water will do it, then strain through a sieve into the bucket with the malt and sugar. Try to squeeze the hops or press them a bit to  get most of the liquid out-Don't go mad just get most out and throw them on the compost bin!

Add a kettle full of boiling water

Give that mess in the  bucket a good stir, you might have to add more boiling water to dissolve everything and it does take a while.

Top up to 40 pints with cold water, use a thermometer and take it's temperature

It's got to be below 24C before you add the yeast, you may have to leave it for an hour.

Add the yeast!!

Ferment out as normal-Takes about a week in the bucket then bottle.

We usually syphon off into another fermenting bin and leave it with an airlock on for another week,, it tastes better and clears better if you do this!

Bottle with 1/2 tsp of sugar per pint as a priming sugar

Leave to condition in the bottles for a couple of weeks

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