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Elderflower Champagne can be really fizzy, be careful with it! We recommend plastic bottles that have held fizzy water or drinks. Check them to make sure they don't get too much gas in them, they swell up like little fat pigs when they are too gassed!




To make one gallon of Elderflower Champagne


500g Sugar

2 Kettles of hot water( about 4 pints!)

Juice and zest of two large lemons

About 14 Elderflower Heads.  (or about 25g dried Elderflowers)

About a Quarter tsp of wine yeast- Gervin No 3 is good!

Pick Elderflower heads in full bloom and in full sun,use them as soon as you can! Strip most of the petals/flowers off into a clean bucket or big bowl.It doesn't matter if there's bits of stalk  in the  mix!

Add the sugar, lemons and zest and pour over the hot water- Do it in a nice clean bucket

Leave overnight, make up to one gallon with cold water and add the  yeast.

Cover with a cloth

Leave for about 3 days --Make sure the mixture is fermenting, it should be bubbling and have a frothy top on it- if it doesn't froth after couple of days add more yeast.


Strain off using a sieve or a straining bag, strain into a pan or  another bowl or something! Just get the worst of the bits out! Put back into th ebucket for 24 hours-


The pour off carefully  into clean sterilised plastic  bottles, best size is 500cl bottles but any will do! -MAke sure you use plastic bottles that have held fizzy drinks, (Water. tonic, coke, anything!)  


Lots of people use the clip top grolsch type bottles, these look good and work very  well but you will have to check the pressure or you may get burst glass bottles! We sell these on the website.

Leave for about a week then chill and drink.

The pressure can really build up so be very careful! Don't leave them for a long time, drink it!

Make sure you are careful when you open the bottles and let the pressure out carefully! Check the pressure doesn't build up over time!


Elderflower Champagne is usually a bit cloudy so don't worry!