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Woo!! Chocolate wine!!

Yep Chocolate wine, and it's good too! It's easy, Georgia made it after a customer came in the shop and talked about it!

Here's waht she did


Beaverdale One Gallon Merlot Kit (Or use any one gall kit or fruit wine recipe!)

42g of Cadburys Bournville Cocoa Powder

Make the wine using the instructions but only fill the demijohn to about 7 pints! It froths like mad so you need a bit of room!

Add the 42g cocoa powder and leave to ferment for 2 weeks.

Syphon off and make up to a gallon with cold water, then just follow the  kit instructions as normal.

There ya go! Chocolate wine! easy, it has a slight bouquet of chocolate and the taste kind of hits you as an aftertaste, a bit of a surprise!