Festival Razorback IPA 40 Pints 3.6 Kg 5.7%

Bitters and Ales
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How much better can better get! A new new boy! Festival Razorback ale

We're all bursting to try any new blonde beers, summer ales with that real burst of fruity hoppiness. That pine woods freshness that steps out and punches you right in the nose with a hop uppercut.

That's fighting talk and this beer is in the  ring with the best, it's a ten round heavyweight punching well above it's weight at 5.7%! 

A razorback is a wild American pig, don't know why you'd call your beer after a pig but it sounds right! It's also the name of a dodgy Australian film!

So get yourself a pint of Razorback and get grappling with the best of British beers!

Hops Simcoe, Centennial and Summit         5.7%