Pear and Apple Cider The Easy Way 40 Pints 8%

Makes 40 Pints of really good flavoured cider

A bit of a cheat but it does work really well

It can end up cloudy but farmhouse cider often is!

Get a 40 pint pear cider kit, the Magnum one works really well

>>>Get that here !!  Magnum Pear Cider <<<

Go to Aldi or Tesco and buy  21 litres of apple juice, it's about 60p a litre in Aldi for that nice cloudy stuff.

Pour the Magum Pear cider in a clean sterilised brew bucket

Pour the apple juice from Aldi/Tesco in the bucket

Stir really well and add the yeast that comes with the kit

Ferment out as the instructions with the kit

Takes a full week to ferment out, it will improve the kit if you syphon off into a fermenter with an airlock after seven days and leave it a further 5 days before bottling/barreling