Bulldog Brews Hammer of Thor Special Lager 40 Pint/23 Litres

Lager, Cervesa, Blondes and Bocks
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Hammer of Thor from Bulldog Brews 4.0 kg

40 pint home brew lager kit

It's strong, golden and blonde with a good body. That'll do for me!

A clean bite with a refreshing maltiness, light on the palate with bags of Nordic flavour.

It's a bit strong, at 6% you need to handle it carefully. Uses Saaz and Hallertau hops so its got a real Scandinavian taste. You might need a few of the Viking Marauders that drink this one to fight off the  Mexican Bandido's that escaped from the Cortez Gold!

It says special lager and it means it, possibly the  best lager kit we've ever made...