Bulldog Brews Cortez Gold Mexican Cerveza 40 Pint/23 Litres

Lager, Cervesa, Blondes and Bocks
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Cortez Gold from Bulldog Brews 3.0 Kg

40 pints of Mexican Madness

Try it with a slice of lime, best served cold and in a desert. Try it with Burritos or a pack of those nachos and dip from Tesco's. Beware of Mexican bandidos who may come knocking on your door asking for a pint of your beer...

We loved it, and there's a free Mexican accent with every kit! " Hey Gringo, I bought youra seester a cactus drink, I'm a going to keel her! " Tequila! geddit?

Saaz and Cascade Hops 4.3%