Complete Beginners Beer/Cider Kit with Gas System

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Beginners beer/lager/stout or cider kit for 40 pints

Includes gas system for perfect beer!

This is a complete beer equipment and beer kit  with everything you need, it's not the cheapest but it is all good quality.

Most of it is reusable and should last years- Perfect for a present or just for yourself.

All you need to replace is the actual beer kit.

Complete kit comprises

  •  40 pint beer kit Choice of Brewmaker Beer/Ale/lager kits
  •  1 Kg brewing sugar
  •  6 gall brewing/bucket with airlock grommet
  •  Airlock
  •  Syphon Kit
  •  40 pint pressure barrel with cap and injection/pressure release valve
  •  Co2 pressure injection system
  •  10 Co2 bulbs
  •  Steriliser
  •  Thermometer
  •  Hydrometer
  •  Free advice!
  • Beer Paddle