Festival Pride of London Porter 40 Pints 3.6k 5.2%

Stout and Guinness
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Festival Pride of London Porter

40 Pints Dark 5.2% Porter- Medium bitterness , dark and almost stout like

Dark full bodied with a sweetness but still bitter uses additional Target hops

We drank those dark heavy beers when were in out twenties and are rediscovering them. We've missed them!

We're all drinking those light golden beers and these dark beers are the dogs! So much flavour off the malts, treacle, parkin, catherine wheels and rip raps. Smoky bonfire nights of real  ale with a rocket of bitterness.

A bumper bundle of Roman candles firing flavours into your mouth, each one has a slight smoke edge, beer to drink and enjoy, perhaps a bit more slowly than the rest!

This one kept getting better as it aged, it might get even better at a month old, we don't know, it didn't last that long.. Tell us if you manage to keep it that long