lanlords Finest Bitter

Festival Landlords Finest Bitter 40 Pints 4.3% 3 Kg

Bitters and Ales
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Festival Landlords Finest Bitter 40 Pints

Light Amber ale with a glow!

A well hopped bitter with additional Celia and Admiral Hops.

Blimey ! A beer so famous you can taste it... And it's very very good. A bit fruity with that big long malty edge with the burst of hops. We love this one as well...

This one is more Yorkshire in character, think Land Rover and gun dog. Last of the Summer wine, joining Compo Cleggy and Foggy in a pub above Holmfirth and settling in for a night of inconsequential banter..

Walking the moors after a few lunchtime slurps, pork pies and pickled onions. Sneaking off with Marina for a quick half.

We love Last of the Summer Wine almost as much as we love the beer!