Festival Father Hooks Best Bitter 40 Pints 3Kg 4.5%

Bitters and Ales
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Festival Father Hooks Best Bitter- 40 pints of a light amber ale

Uses additional Bramling Cross and Columbus Hops.  4.5% 3 Kg

Father Hook, what a nice chap he must have been! It's a sort of medium bitter with a big malty flavour, slightly orangey in colour.

These beers are so good who wouldn't play hooky from school and go off an nab a few jars!

This is my favourite, for me it's driving a Renault 4 and staying in pubs with the beer in a barrel on the bar. First time I ever saw an air rifle shooting competition in a pub...Actually it was the only time, pubs in rural Oxfordshire with great oak beams and dogs sleeping in the corner. Proper pubs... Eeeee!

I'm off home to knock a few back right now!