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Mangos are a strong tasting fruit and make a golden wine


2 Kg Mangos

1.4 kg Sugar

Wine Yeast-Gervin no 6 or good wine yeast 

1 Tspn Pectolase

Juice of a large Lemon

1 Small Tspn Tannin


Peel and remove the big stone from the mangos. Chop them up into small chunks and try to squash or crush them.

They should now be in a clean sterilised bucket. Pour a kettle of boiling water over them and add the sugar.

Next day add the rest of the ingredients and about 5 pints of cold water.

Leave in the bucket to ferment for four days stirring every day.

Stain into a demi john using a coarse filter big or similar-This may take a while. You may have to just hang the straining bag on a nail and leave it to drip for a few hours. Don't squeeze it too much or you will get too much pulp in the  demijohn.

Make up to one gallon with cold water and leave to ferment out until all the bubbles stop

Syphon off into a clean demi john and add a campden tablet and potassium sorbate/wine stabiliser.

If there was a lot of deposit  there may be a big gap at the  top of the demi john, top up with cold boiled water to just below the shoulders.

Leave to clear and bottle when clear.