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 An old fashioned recipe that works surprisingly well. Rice and Rasin was always a favourite in the old days before we had all the nice wine kits. It's simple and doesn't taste too bad!

Rice and raisin is also a very nice album by Eliza Carthy that's worth a listen!

Rice and Raisin Wine to Make Gallon

500g Rice

1Kg Raisins

1.2 Kg Sugar

Yeast Gervin No 4 would be ok but any high alcohol yeast

Juice and zest of two lemons

I tsp Yeast Nutrient

1 Cup cold tea

Chop the raisins roughly, that doesn't mean you give 'em a bit of slap about the head,  it means cut them in half!

Put everything but the yeast in a clean bucket and pour over two kettle of boiling water. Sir well and leave to cool.

About two hours later make up to a gallon with cold water and when cool below 24 c add the yeast.

Leave about 5 days in the bucket and stir daily, cover it with a lid or a tea towel. There will be  a load of raisins and stuff every day on the top, just stir this in, it should be horrible looking and frothing like mad.

After 5 days strain off into a demi john and make up to a gallon with cold water. Add an airlock and leave the demijohn bubbling away until it stops bubbling!

Syphon off and add a campden tablet and wine stabiliser(the packet will tell you how much!)

Leave until clear.

You can use  1 kg of rice if you want a stronger taste but it can be a bit gloopy in the bucket.

We used to use about 2 kg of sugar, it made a sweet desert wine of about 18% and took a long  long time to ferment out!

You can use any rice, we used to use paddy rice, it was rice with the husk on but is hard to get now, brown rice will give more flavour.