Banana Beer - Uses a kit- easy to make

A recipe given to us by Chris Forrest-- Thank you!


Banana Beer 40 pints---This one uses overipe bananas and ferments on the bananas to give a really bananery taste!



1 normal 5 gal Victoria bitter kit with yeast
12 over ripe bananas
2 tsp Pectolase
1kg sugar

•Peel, break up, and gently simmer the banana in a couple of pints of water for about 20 mins, a little more if the fruit is firm. Mash up with potato masher!
•add contents of warmed Victoria bitter tin to the banana pan and warm through.
• add sugar to a couple of gallons of water in fermenter. Dissolve.
•mix in slightly cooled banana mix from pan
•top up to 4 gal with cold water
•add pectolase and top up to 5 gal
•pitch yeast. Ferments fully in 5-7 days at room temp in early summer. STRAIN INTO SECONDARY BEFORE BOTTLING.
•condition as normal (1tsp per pint or equity), improves greatly after a fortnight's sit in the bottle.
• be warned can be very lively to serve, consider cutting priming sugar a little if worried.