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Orange Wine - I'm not that keen on this one. Some people like it though.

12 Medium Oranges

1.5 Kg Sugar

Pectolase 1tsp

Yeast Gervin No6

Yeast Nutrient 1 tsp

Tannin 1 tsp 

Pare the oranges-- Get all the  very thin orange rind off, there is a tool called a zester which can do this, you need to leave the white pith and just get the orange skin. The pith is bitter in taste and it copmes through in the finished wine if there's too much.

Pour a kettle of boiling water over the zest/peel and leave for 24 hours. Give it a good sqaushing and bashing about.

Strain the water into a clean demi john leaving the peel behind and add the rest of the ingredients.

You did dissolve the sugar first didn't you?

Make up to one gallon with cold water and leave to ferment out.

When it stops bubbling, it may take a couple of weeks, syphon off into a clean demi john and add a campden tablet, potassium sorbate(wine stabiliser) and leave to clear.

We usually add finings, Kwik clear seems the best, at this point.

Leave to clear and bottle when clear.

If you're intending to keep the wine for longer than six months it 's best to syphon it off into a demijohn and add another campden tablet the day before bottlling.