King Keg Beer Barrel with Pin Valve Gas System and Gas 5 Gall/40 Pint

A complete pressure barrel,gas injection system and gas for any 5 gall or 40 pint beer kit.

The King Keg 4" neck barrel , means you can get your hand inside to clean the barrel!

King Keg barrel, pressure injector and ten Co2 bulbs

Uses the small Co2 bulbs- Standard size and easily obtainable

This is a complete set up using the King Keg Barrel. The King Keg has a nice big 4" neck so you can get your hand inside. It's a bit bigger than the standard barrel which means there's a bit more room at the top when it's full of beer.

Same gas system as the standard barrel, simple easy to use 8gm Co2 Bulbs-Easily obtainable.

Breweries call this gap "Ullage" Some breweries have more Ullage than others, we'd call it short measure!

You need some Ullage to allow for the storage of the natural Co 2 produced by the beer, the King Keg has the gap  about right for homebrew purposes!