Standard Home Brew Beer Barrel and Gas System 5 Gall/40 Pint

A complete pressure barrel, gas injection system and gas.


Complete system that holds over 40 pints of beer so suitable for any 40 pint home brew beer kit.

Barrel, pressure injector, bulb holder and ten Co2  bulbs

A complete pressure barrel, gas injection system and gas.

Uses the small 8 gm Co2 Bulbs - Standard size easily available.

Co2 Gas bulb goes off with a bit of a blast! Just screw it well down and let go when the gas starts to go!

A complete set for home brew beer. The standard 2" neck barrel, a complete pressure injection system and ten Co2 bulbs.

The Co2 bulbs are those things that look like bullets round the bottom of the barrel!

It's a nice easy to use system - The standard barrel is reliable and good value. Under the right conditions you won't need to add gas until the barrel is half empty!

For best results add 50 gram of sugar when barrelling the beer. This keeps the beer fermenting and produces a good natural gas. Then leave about a week in the warm before moving to a cool place.The beer should come out about half head and half beer! When it starts to flow with no head just pop a gas bulb on and charge up the barrel.

You're replacing the beer you've drunk with gas rather than trying to actually gas  the beer! It's called top pressure dispense and is the best way for real ale!