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How to make cider if you don't have a press. It does work, it's not really cider but it is very alcoholic and a bit of fun

Thebrewshop would like to warn you that this mix can be very potent and we caution you to drink it carefully.

Or buy some paracetamol.

Get a big bucket, one that you use for fermenting beer, about six gallons is a good size.

Chop up the apples into small bits or bash them with a mallet, fill the bucket about 3/4 full with the chopped/mashed apples.

Add two kg of sugar to a six gall bucket--If your bucket is only two gallons add one bag of sugar...

Top it up with cold water, in fact you can pour the water on as you chop them up, then add a beer yeast.

The apples will rise up like a volcanoe overnight, they may spill all over the floor and everywhere so make sure the bucket is not where it will ruin the carpet! On a draining board is best.

Stir it well a couple of times a day and push all the bits of apple back under the liquid if you can.

After a few days it will stop frothing and the apples will sink, leave it about a week in total stirring every day.

Then strain or squeeze out as much juice as you can, use an old towel or net or anything.

Leave it another 24 hours then bottle it into fizzy water bottles, just buy the water from the supermarket and throw the water away!

Leave it until the bottles go hard, you may need to let the pressure off a bit so keep an eye on it. If the bottles swell up you'll have to let some pressure out.

If the cider stays flat and the bottles stay soft add 1 tsp. of sugar per two pints of cider to every bottle.

Drink it when you decide you're strong enough, it may be very cloudy and it may taste weak but it isn't....