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A nice cup of rosy lee please guvnor! Tea wine is surprising!



Tea Wine

  2 Pints  Tea
1kg Sugar
250 ml grape concentrate
1 tsp pectolase
1 tsp acid blend or citric acid
Use different tea's for more exotic flavours. Pg tips works ok, but be brave and try Earl Grey, Blackcurrrant or passion fruit! 
Make the tea in big jug or bowl leave to brew for about half an hour
Strain off and add the sugar,
When cool to room temperature add the rest of ingredients 
Put into a clean demi john.
Top up to shoulders of demi john with  cold water. Add an airlock and leave to ferment out. This may take a few days or a couple of weeks depending on the temperature.
When the bubbles stop coming through the airlock, or slow down to about one every 2 minutes test the wine.
Either use a hydrometer or taste it. If it's too sweet leave it longer.
If it's dry(sour taste) or just right,syphon off into a clean demi john.
Add 1 campden tablet and potassium sorbate.
Leave to clear.
When clear, syphon into a clean demi john or bottle.
If it's too dry you can sweeten with sugar but keep a check that it doesn't start fermenting again. Leave it a couple of weeks then add a campden before bottling.