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Sloe gin is very traditional. It's fantastic and the location of sloes is a jealously garded secret. I get mine from...No no! I can't tell you!!




Sloe Gin
I make sloe gin most years and just mix a few sloes
with sugar and gin. I've just made a new batch and I've made a note of  exactly how I did it.
Here's how.

Prick each sloe with a fork, I tried without doing this one year and the flavour doesn't come out as well.
Put the sloes into an empty wine bottle until it's a quarter full. It doesn't matter what size! As long as it's a quarter full, I usually use the standard 700 ml wine bottle.
Add sugar until the bottle is half full, including the sloes. Don't shake or stir, just pour the sugar gently on top of the sloes.
Now pour gin in the bottle, what kind of gin you ask? Any gin, I use the really cheap stuff from Aldi.
As the sugar dissolves add more gin, after 24 hours just top it up with a bit more gin if needed.

Leave until Xmas...Hooray!
But what about the sloes in the bottle ? They don't do you any harm! Try drinking it with a sloe in the glass like an olive. It looks the part. Don't mess about filtering or straining the sloe gin. You pour it with the sloes in the bottle and
the bits etc are part of the gin. If other people don't like it there's more for you!!
Repeat the process next year.