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Rose Petals make a lovely wine. Some are more fragrant than others, just choose the really nice smelling ones. It doesn't seem to matter if they're red or white!

1/2 Litre of Petals,stripped off the stem and packed loosely or 50g of dried rose petals
1. kg Sugar
250grm grape concentrate or a Litre of apple juice
1tsp Yeast Nutrient
1tsp Acid Blend or citric acid
Gervin N0 3 or all purpose yeast.
Strip most of the petals off the stems , a few bits don't matter,and pour 2 pints boiling water over them.
Leave overnight and add the rest of the ingredients and 4 pints cold water
Leave 2 days and strain into a demi-john.
When the vigourous bubbling slows down,top up to one gall with cold water and leave to ferment out as normal
After about two weeks all the bubbling will have stopped, syphon into a clean demi john and add:
one campden tablet and 1 potassium sorbate tablet.
 I usually add Kwik Cleer  finings at this point.
It's better to taste the wine before you add the campden tablet, if it's too sweet leave it a bit longer, if it's too dry{sour} you can always sweeten it later.
 Using apple juice instead of grape concentrate gives a different wine that tends to mature quicker.
Drink when clear!