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I've kept perry made this way for over a year and it does taste good! It's ready to drink in about 3 weeks if you can't wait!



Pear juice wine(Perry)
Quantity- Every pint of juice makes a pint of perry!
If you've got plenty of pears you can make Perry.
It's superb, dry as a bone and a sort of pear cider.
The french drink it a lot, it's nothing like babycham, it's a real toper's tipple!
Pick nice fresh pears, no bruised or damaged ones.
Crush them, use a hammer, a commercial crusher(we sell them) or a pulpmaster( 15.79  from stock at time of writing). The pulpmaster is a blade that you attach to an electric drill, it's a bit Heath Robinson but works well.
Then press the pears to get the juice out--you'll need a lot of muscle or a press off us(between 60 to 300 pounds depending on size or you'll have to make one. We do hire a small press for £5.00 a week, £50.00 deposit.
You can freeze the pears and when they defrost the juice will run easier.
Then add yeast and ferment out as you would beer.
Ferment it in a bucket or in a fermenter with an airlock is best, if you make just a gallon use a demi john.
Leave about a week and then syphon into bottles or a plastic beer barrel. You can use plastic beer bottles. Add 1/2 teaspoon of sugar per pint of perry and leave for about a month and drink carefully.
Enjoy the taste of a real old traditional drink!